Wooden Surfboards with a fin(B9)

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Classic Models
- These wooden model surfboards are a limited edition project all hand crafted from start to finish by Steve Boehne.

Infinity’s founder and 2015 International Surfboard Shapers Hall of Fame inductee Steve Boehne is know the world over for his meticulous hand shapes and craftsmenship. Steve has been working with wood and shaping surfboards since 1960 and from time to time offers up these models on a limited basis. Each one is one of a kind, hand numbered and signed by Steve himself.

Each model was built the original way. Each “blank” was hand glued and layed up here in our shop in Dana Point. Steve template each one out and hand shaped the wooden blanks and fins himself.

Steve gets commissioned to build these wooden beauties in normal surfboard custom sizes as well which can cost anywhere from $5000-$10,000. These little models are a great way to own a piece of history and have a collector piece for your home or office.