Tombstone Foilboard 4'6"

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Tombstone Foilboard : Designed by Dave Boehne

This is our latest foilboard design with our latest construction technology. Carbon construction made with recycled EPS and zero emissions resins. All certified by Sustain Surf.

-All carbon fiber construction (scrap carbon) Vacuum bag lamination. Light and Strong.

-Zero emission epoxy resin

-Recycled EPS core w/ High Density finbox reinforcement

-Recessed deck for comfort and more control paddling prone

-Double concave for minimal drag on touchdowns and tracking straighter and more controlled paddling.

-Angled rails for maximum forgiveness on touchdowns and low carves.

-Hex shaped tail w/ kicktail. Zero contact with the water while pumping.

Any questions email for more info we can ship anywhere. Approx shipping in USA is $125