Pocket Rocket

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item# 5871   Pocket Rocket

$745.      5'10"    19.5"    2 5/8" thick

This is our new POCKET ROCKET model.   It is a retro shortboard design that we used to make in the early '80's.  Since we are coming up on our 50 th.  year in business, We have been reintroducing some of our old shortboard models from back in the day.  I shaped around 10,000 shortboards in the 70's and 80's and haven't really done very many since the rebirth of longboarding in the mid 80's.  Now I am having so much fun shaping these POCKET ROCKETS and  STING FISH retro designs.  The outlies are the same, but they have the new modern rockers and rail contours that make them even better.  I make them about 1/8" to 1/4" thicker and perhaps 1" wider than modern shortboards, but this gives them the superior paddleability of an 80's board with the maneuverability of a modern board.  The POCKET ROCKET is a 4 channel, 4 wing, 3 fin charger.  I 100% hand shape them from 5'6" up to 6'6".  I also offer a 17" wide round nose model from 5'8" up to 6'6"

We are making them with our old original Pocket Rocket logo and 80's airbrushes + the benefit of modern future boxes and fins.
call the shop, 949-661-6699 or email jeremy@infinitysurf.com for board or shipping info.