About Us

Welcome to the Infinity Surf online store, where you'll find the finest in hand-crafted surfboards for over 40 years. Since 1970 Steve Boehne, along with his sons Dan and Dave (the Boehne Bros.), has been fine-tuning new and radical surfboard designs angled at creating a board perfectly suited to the surfer. However it's not all high-performance and cutting edge, as Steve keeps his roots with traditional single-fin longboards under the Gordie Surfboards label, preserving his mentor's legacy; and with the Infinity Gold Label focused on pushing forward in post-modern longboard design. You'll also find the newest in wetsuits from Matuse, a plethora of surf accessories for your every need, and surf clothing ranging from brands like Insight, Hippy Tree, Brixton, Freedom Artists, Neff, our own Infinity Private Label, and more. Take a look around and feel free to ask us any questions should you need a product or more information. Enjoy.