Para - prone board

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Item# 74

para prone board  8' long x 25.5" wide   with two fins

This is one of several different surf craft that we make for disabled surfers.  This model has a deep recessed deck (cockpit) to give the surfer more stability and to keep his legs on the board instead of washing off.  It is designed for self rescue  with handles at the tail and center where the surfer can  remount from the tail and pull himself forward into paddle position.  The deck has a 2" ramp to elevate his chest  and a padded chin rest for comfortable paddling.  the extra handles allow 4 guys to carry the board and rider into the water where he can continue unassisted.

the regular price for this board is $1850, but this board was used once by a guy who was unable to do it so it is on sale for $1700.