Armstrong CF1600 Foil Kit

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CF1600 Wing
Drive Mast 72cm/28.5”
TC 70 (Titanium Core) Fuselage 70cm/27.5"
Uni Tail Wing
TTF Plus 0 degree
Titanium T nut set/washer and screw set, Foil screw set, Torx tool
Protective mast, wing bags and compact carry bag

The Carving Freeride 1600 Foil Kit is the versatile choice, perfect for learning or small waves and wake for all. plus high wind downwind Foiling. No matter what style foil rider you are this setup delivers confidence inspiring performance across a huge range of conditions.

  • Surf: Heavier rider or super small surf conditions and pumping.

  • Kiteboarding: Light wind choice for heavier riders.

  • SUP: Lighter riders small waves, heavier riders in good surf.

  • Wake: Ideal for beginners or heavier weight riders.

  • Windsurf: Ideal for learning and in lighter winds.

  • Downwind: Lighter riders or strong winds.

Wing Dimensions
Weight: 1750g
Wing span: 78cm/30.5"
Wing area: 1600cm2 /248"2